MOND Collection: Rheingold
The t-shirt features the silhouette of RHEINGOLD, the scout saucer of the Space Nazi fleet. With this ship, Renate travels to Earth and back to Moon again.

In Wagner’s 'The Ring of the Nibelung' The Rhine maidens talk of the about Rheingold, the Rhine gold, which their father has ordered them to guard: it can be made into a magic ring which will let its bearer rule the world, but only by someone who first renounces love. In the Moon Nazi’s fleet, this ship serves as the reconnaissance ship, manufactured to travel swiftly the trip from Moon to Earth, and remain unnoticed due to its' compact size and silent engine noise.

MOND collection shirts are designed by UK-based graphic designer / art director TOM MULLER. More about his work here:

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-chest & waist: 100 cm
-length from shoulder: 71 cm